Work Gaps: How to Return to Work or Transition Jobs
Have you been out of work a long time or are thinking about transitioning into a new job? It is definitely possible to re-enter the workforce after a long absence or in a brand new role. Your value to a company will be clear if you take some of the following steps:

•Take professional/academic courses to keep you current with your profession.

•Volunteer because volunteer work also involves skills and accomplishments.

•Network—you need connections in your profession. Professional associations and conferences are particularly rich networking sources.

•Accept a position with a professional association or help out with a professional conference. You will be seen and remembered, and you will meet networking contacts.

•Look for consulting or freelance jobs to build up your resume with current experience rather than trying to move directly into a full-time job.

If you have been out of work for a while or if you are transitioning into a new industry or profession, you may not be aware of all the opportunities available to you. Informational interviews may help you learn about job positions or career paths you had not considered. In an informational interview, you are not asking for a job but for information about your industry or profession.

Before confining your search to entry-level positions, make sure you have fully considered your current and transferrable skills. You should not need to start with a job that requires no skill and no work experience at all: you have skills and you have experience. Again, an informational interview may give you more confidence about the value you bring to a company and indicate what you can do to make yourself even more valuable.

As a professional career coach as well as a professional resume writer, I can help you return to the workplace or transition from your current career.