Resume Secrets Revealed
With over a decade of experience writing resumes and with credentials from the most respected professional associations, I have specialized knowledge that I put to work on every resume. Today, I share some resume secrets that I have accumulated over the years.

Resumes are marketing documents. Your resume is first an honest record of your past employment; but it is also a marketing document. Just like any product brochure, it gives the facts but it also gives a feeling for the product—how it will be used, what need it will meet, and how it compares to the competition. You are the product, and the company is the buyer. A professional resume shows that you are a good fit for the company where you are applying, that you fulfill the company’s stated need (in the job posting), and that you bring accomplishments, skills, experience, and education that set you apart from the competition.

The role of the resume is constantly changing. Years ago, computerized Applicant Tracking Systems were not on anyone’s wish list; now most companies use them. Years ago, “keywords” had no relevance to resumes; now they are important. As a professional resume writer, I keep up with the trends so that your resume meets current standards and the expectations of recruiters and hiring managers.

You cannot say everything in your resume. You do not need to include every college course, every job you had from the day you graduated high school, and every task you ever completed. No one expects that, and companies never hire based on the resume alone. They always interview. So your resume should stress the information that the company needs most to consider you a viable candidate and invite you to interview.

Professional resume writers need your help. We cannot write a resume by reading your mind. You must give us a past resume and/or information that we request on a form and through interviews. You must spend the time and effort to check our work—we cannot know if you “led” or “co-led” an effort unless you tell us.

I make sure that every resume I write stands out as a marketing document, meets current resume standards, targets the company and job you want, and involves a professional process that is as valuable and smooth as possible. Please contact me today.